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Let's take a short step back. During the years that I was in the National Guard, I was also working in the defense industry.  I began working at a firm called Rodale Electronics in Garden City, NY where I was assigned to the quality control department. My training in electrical technology and machine shop were both indispensable, and made my chances for advancement much greater.

During the time I was at Rodale, I had many chances to work in many capacities, and functioned with all of the departments - shipping & receiving, mechanical and electrical quality control, production testing, design & drafting, and after about one year was promoted to the level of engineering technician in the R&D lab. The six months which I spent in basic training were actually during the time I was employed at Rodale, and I remained at Rodale for a total of 3-1/2 years.

My next job was with PRD Electronics in Syosset, NY where I was classified as an engineering aide, and worked with Research and Development Engineers to test and troubleshoot equipment prior to it's being released for production. This job was during a 1-1/2 year period thru August of 1970.

While at PRD, I was told by my father, many years an administrator in the New York City schools, that they were looking for teachers of trades and industrial arts, and had opened a new employment window to find the needed personnel. With just over five years of industry-based experience, I took the necessary exams and, in September 1970, began what has been a long journey in the education field.

Having had such diversified training and experience, I was able to teach all of the "shops" whenever needed. My assignments took me from Brandeis HS in Manhattan (3 years) to Springfield Gardens HS (2 years) to Newtown HS (1 year) to Martin Luther King, HS (19-1/2 years). The early teaching years were very unsteady due to the fiscal crisis in NYC, and things finally stabilized in 1976 as I had built some seniority and the city was on a solid financial footing.

In mid-1993, I was assigned to the Bureau of Technology where I worked on citywide curriculum for our programs until the bureaus were disbanded at the end of 1994. I was then assigned to the Office of Occupational Education, and became involved in the logistic support of occupational programs throughout the city. As is the case within any department of education, the agency structure constantly changed, and eventually we became a city agency under mayoral control in 1992. At this juncture, I will not judge the wisdom of that change as there are many adjustments being made to the system as time progresses.

In June 2005, I was assigned to the offices of Virtual Enterprise (VE), an entrepreneurship and marketing program that was about nine years in existence. This assignment actually was developing during the prior two years when I assisted VE two days per week, and spent my other three working for the Office of Career & Technical Education. Although I was a teacher, I assumed the title of Assistant Director, and can now say that these years with Virtual Enterprise have been the best of my 38!

As of January 16, 2008 I officially retired from the New York City Department of Education, and continue to work with the Virtual Enterprise team as a consultant, something that allows me some needed flexibility in my daily schedule, and some time to pursue other personal interests.

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