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This page is the first of several that will help you know us a little better.

Were a couple of easy-going, down-to-earth folks with a positive view for the future, but with the same concerns that we all share in this crazy world we live in. Because we care about our future, were involved in many activities that may allow us to have some control over outcomes. Our interests are personal, political, educational, professional, practical (and then some), and we attempt to be reasonable and logical in our approach to all of them. We have learned that one must be involved if one is to have any input into the outcomes related to each of those areas.

We live in a modest house in New Hyde Park, NY. Our previous cat, Squeeky (believe me, she came by the name honestly!) was with us from 1997 until 2012. She was as relaxed as we are, and could very often be found on the couch listening to classical music when she wasn't chasing shadows or other imaginary prey. For many years, she earned her place in our home and in our hearts.

Our present companion is Suzie, a rescue cat whom we adopted from the Patricia H. Ladew Foundation in 2014.  While not as easy-going as Squeeky, having been a rescued cat, she has adapted well to 'home' life, and is quite affectionate, but on her terms and when the desire arises.

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